Thursday, September 26, 2013


Inspired by this week's Illustration Friday word: "Together"

Considering the word, a gathering of friends seemed the most natural place to begin.  Friends holding hands... reminded me of circle games played in various gatherings in childhood.  With all our different personalities, loyalties and inner thoughts, although we could see one-another clearly, who held whose hand was not so clear.

Putting that idea on paper was an enjoyable exercise, and mulling over memories of childhood friendships another.

Monday, September 16, 2013


Inspired by the Illustration Friday challenge word: "totem"

Thinking of the majestic totem poles of the Haida Gwaii, how they serve as markers of community, anchors of identity.

When in their presence, you know where you are - and very definitely who you are among.

Which totems do we identify with, I pause to think?  Here in this community, wandering among us is it any less clear who we are by what we plant around ourselves? 

Here.  Look here.  These are symbols of my family, my ancestry, my connections, loyalties and character.  This is what feeds my bones, shapes my thoughts and inspires my actions.

Thoughts developed, caught in the sieve of drawing as I sat and traced lines on paper.  Imagery I return to again and again developed, here in a new form. 

Monday, September 9, 2013


Inspired by this week's Illustration Friday challenge word:  Hidden.

Among the many wonderful hidden things to be found on a slow childhood amble were shiny berries hiding under shady leaves...  mushrooms in a tangle of dew-wet long grass at the foot of twisted, forgotten apple trees... glistening frogs quietly waiting among ripples by the riverbank... a freshwater pearl in among the stack of clam shells rinsed, pried open and eaten clean by last night's wandering raccoons... and a rambunctious family of kittens watched by their proud mama in the sweet green grass unexpectedly nest-like between cedars by the side of the road.

One of the things I like best, recalling days where things were found, was the freedom to amble, let thoughts follow along and feet take you wherever they might.

I was sure, one day, I would find something no-one had ever seen before.  And today I did.