Friday, February 12, 2010

IF Feb 12/2010 Adrift

"Adrift", today's challenge word, from the quote : "I've often been adrift, but I have always stayed afloat." by Dave Berry.

This image came to mind immediately. Although I prefer to draw on the day of, and prefer to see what folks come up with on the fly, this image stayed in my mind.

Spent a lot of my childhood afloat, adrift on night water after a sauna under the stars, or in a rowboat whose oars were slowly inching their way toward the dam where I fervently hoped they'd get caught and not bounce madly over and downstream, so I could recover them - AFTER madly paddling myself to the dock with my hands, of course. Floating with birdsong muffled by water barely heard, eyes closed with sunlight warming the eyelids - I imagined I could fall asleep, and where I might end up if I let myself drift.

Those experiences have shaped my subconscious so much, that I imagine I sometimes do drift, and the water takes me where, aware, I would not choose - or dare - to wander.


  1. Beautiful lyrical piece and wonderful post!

  2. Both haunting and comforting.

  3. What a lovely, dreamy illustration!

  4. Wonderful concept! I can't quite decide which one I'd rather be, the little girl sleeping or the face looking into the ocean? Bliss! (^_^)

  5. This one's lovely and mysterious, Aino! I looked at all of your blog posts hoping that you had used some of your images from "Christmas for Carol" (I think that was the title on your website for these published pieces?), because I wanted to comment on how much I liked them!! But they are not here, so this will have to do. You have a charming pen & ink quality to your drawings, but your 'developed' full-color images are quite striking: my favorite! The "Christmas" pieces remind me of "The Bearskinner: A Tale of the Brothers Grimm" illustrated by Max Grafe. Do you know his work? Nicely done, Aino, and thank you for *your* appreciation of my own blog's words and art! :-)


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