Monday, November 28, 2011

"Round" Illustration Friday Challenge Nov 25/2011

Inspired by the Illustration Friday quote:

"A character who is thought out is not born, he or she is contrived. a born character is round, a thought-out character is flat". - Rex Stout

A conflict between flat and round characters came to mind, and obviously, the strength is in being round.

Round, yes. Nothing in the quote said anything about being WELL rounded...

And yet literary tradition and its contradictions kept creeping in to my mind as I drew. What about Alice, and the flat card characters? Some wonderful flat paper characters in Spirited Away came to mind. Despite their obviously contrived and created origins, their presence is real - and threatening.

I'm drawing a blank at the moment, but I 'm sure there are many, many more.


  1. You are obviously a reader, and a well-read one at that. An artist after my own heart! Thanks for visiting my Etegami blog. :)

  2. This is fantastic..stunning hatching work..thanks for commenting on my blog!

  3. I have not heard that quote before and I agree with Rod about the hatching work. Also thanks for your comments on my work.

  4. You win round 1 !! :) Great take on the topic!

  5. I never like to use superlatives.........but today I do. Stunning work! I love the "flat" characters often used in your drawings.


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