Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Return" Illustration Friday March 30/2012

Inspired by the Illustration Friday quote:

"The return makes one love the farewell". - Alfred de Musset

Farewell and farewell and farewell, a thousand shadows of goodbyes and an equal number of joyful chimes of return, that is how I remember visits with my Grandmother growing up. They ended with a hand wave behind glass, a car window, the front step, and the sure knowledge of a warm squeeze in greeting when we next met.

My Grandmother created beauty, tending her garden where ripples of beauty spread out from her hands as seeds, scent, a bouquet, and the farewell of fall, waiting, longing, patient for spring and the return. The ripples she sent out are spreading still, long after she has left us, in a corner of my garden, a shock of black-eyed-susan, rhubarb in another making beauty of taste for another generation as she is remembered, the treats she made for us as kids now being made for another set of children.


  1. What a lovely tribute and cool illustration!

  2. Haya thanks for the well wishes :)
    You know this is a superb work. Something loose and flowing , that circulare compostion is a blessing, the hands the tears ? the way we can't see the face - because aftrer all it's the legs doing the movibng - and the whole patterning is almost nouveau - with a modern twist !

  3. This is a really cool illustration. Reminds me of something from the 60's. Really nice line work, and great story behind it!

  4. Such a heart-felt tribute! The illustration is very evocative! Nice.

  5. What a really nice post! Love the sentiment and the art.

  6. This is excellent as usual...You should turn your post into a book..I am sure it would sell..beautiful post/drawing!

    1. I actually meant post(s) not just this one..otherwise the book wouldn't be long!

  7. This post makes me feel heartache for the fewness of the memories I have of my paternal grandmother. In fact, I've been thinking about her a lot these days. I was 6 when I first met her, 11 the second time I saw her, and 15 the third and last time. My memories of her can be counted on one hand. But recently I decided to make those memories into etegami so that I could savor them and prevent myself from forgetting. Thank you for sharing your grandmother story.


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