Thursday, November 1, 2012

Haunt - Illustration Friday Oct.26/2012

Inspired by the Illustration Friday word: Haunt

This time of year, haunt evokes stories of chills and fright, childhood anticipation of Halloween and all its promises of a night where rules were set aside and we could put on a getup in which we would not be recognized and traipse about dark neighbourhoods with our friends knocking on strangers' doors and demanding candy. 

But aside from this seasonal connection, what haunts us? 

For me, what can truly haunt are the breezes created by unspoken words.  Separated from the landscape where they could have been spoken, they hang in the mind, frozen constellations of thought, of connection and communication.  Perhaps at the right time they might have guided us elsewhere as constellations could.  Choked back they shed a cold light and stir up trailing shadows of unheard responses. 


  1. I love your work, your accompanying thoughts and that you are looking within and around you for answers to the weekly challenges. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Most definitely haunting...and wonderful line work to make it so!

  3. Lovely feel to this piece, and interesting thoughts to go with it!

  4. Thanks guys! Comments are just as inspiring as the challenges.

  5. Absolutely LOVE this!!!
    Your line work is exquisite
    naomi x

  6. nice blend of surface textures. Works well for the prompt!


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