Friday, February 1, 2013


Winter weather making its way into this image, which suits my mood and the tone of the image.  Time to rest the image for a bit. 


  1. Very atmospheric! You've captured the foreboding of the grip of winter :) Nice work!

  2. Hi Aino! I am tooooo late I know, but my mood is also very wintery( = winter sleep) Too many things to do, and so little time !
    Thanks a lot for all your words and comments lately :)

    I like the hair : the winter cold winds are blowing from the snowy hills and I can feel it from this picture! We have last weeks "real" winter hier and everything is covered by blanket of snow!

  3. I like how the shape of the hair and the branches work so well with each other Now that's a spooky branch! :) I.m glad it's not me in the pic...


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