Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Illustration Friday May 10 "future"

Inspired by this week's challenge word: Future

I thought immediately back to primary school and the inevitable tradition of planting a bean, watching it hopefully for evidence of change.

These days the sprouts come home in coffee cups, but what I remember is a bean in a glass jar, held in place against the glass by damp paper towel.  It was our job to wet the paper every day, and impatiently check for any change.

The future is not some grand, distant scenario into which we step; it is the seed, the wet paper towel, and it inches toward us with every small action we take to make it grow.


  1. loved your work, congratulations
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  2. I remember those seed sprouts! I like your drawing a lot. Yes, the future can be just a little ways away.

  3. I never tried this, maybe more interesting than the avocado seed on toothpicks.


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