Friday, July 18, 2014

Winter Dreams

Deep in the mad scramble of preparing for my first foray into art/craft show territory, with the house around me filling with art and crafts for sale on the one hand and undisturbed clutter on the other, a phone call: was I available for a rush assignment?

Why yes, yes I was.

After all, they do say a change is as good as a rest, and waking up repeatedly at 4 a.m. feeling I should get up and make something was beginning to wear me down a little.

Here's the third iteration of the design, once I got the final dimensions confirmed. Colour version anon.

 So far so good, changes to be made were outlined, and among them a better look at the raccoon.  So here he is in colour.  Book comes out next month, I"ll post the full cover then.


  1. Wishing you much success in your art/craft show!

  2. As many times - lately- I have to say the bloggers are leaving this medium. But I am sure one day they will come back and realize that blogging is not actually so bad....:)
    Well, I hope the show was /is good, and your assignment is going very well.
    I left FB world- I keep still FB page- but I do not know ...maybe I will leave it too , maybe - one day- I will reopen FB again. Keep in touch :)

    1. Thanks, Linda and Ludek. Assignments went well, and got done on time. Things still piling up for the show in two weeks. Ludek, I enjoyed posting when I was doing Illustration Friday more consistently and looked forward to seeing the work of others, their comments about my work. Just blathering into empty space, not so much.


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