Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Developing Idea - Sketchbook pages

Picture      I had kept a sketchbook, lugging it from class to class in high school but the habit had lapsed when I acquired other duties and things to carry and ran out of hands for the sketchbook.  It dawned on me that I missed the process.  So a few years ago I picked up the technical pens and pen and ink I had used for the earlier sketchbooks and creaked open the cover of a new book - not knowing what direction it would take. 

I decided only one thing, to begin with: that I would continue working on each spread until it expressed a unified thought or theme - no matter how obscure.  New pages were unnerving, at first.  A sweep of line would break the page and then - ? I began to approach each page with the same general thought:  Now let's see...  and I was hooked. 

I began to feel pulled by a work in progress, left on the table, pen beside the open book.  Whatever the mind was chewing over, seems that was somehow being digested on paper.  I began to savour  the way a drawing developed slowly, dragging thoughts with it, developing a mental space internally as the drawing emerged on paper over days and weeks.  Some drawings didn't seem worthy of further work - a doodle, the moment, not needing digesting or developing.  Others were left unfinished for days or months - I had no idea what to do next with them - and may be in that state today, still waiting.  Others, when I flipped open a page, suddenly I could see just what was needed next - and the pull returned. 

I'll post them in the order that they appear in the sketchbooks, but undated - as they have grown over a hopscotch of timelines, some images surging to the page in a rush of hours drawn from a busy life in the course of a few days, others developing almost despite me, across years.

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  1. Nice to meet you here again, Aino! Fishie-birdie or birdie-fishie creature is wonderful! I wanted to enlarge your drawing , however, I am not allowed to do so..."Your current account does not have access to view this page. ", told me Mr. Blogger.
    I was not very consistent with keeping all my sketch- books, I have several of them and than and now I take a look and sometimes I find a drawing - unfinished- for reasons you mentioned in your post; and then - of hindsight you see clearly what was missing to finish it or ... to admit it was great choice not to develop it further :)
    I am eager to see more your sketches..

    1. Thanks, LT. Don't know why you can't open the larger image... ?? My sketchbooks are all a bit like this, the mind wanders and leaves a trail of ink behind. Your ink images have a similar feel, when I see them - draw me in to wonder what you were thinking, and then invite my thoughts to wander away all by themselves. Good to see you here. A

    2. well, still, I can't open the image :( I can't get it bigger..
      (Also I noticed, when somebody leaves a comment on my blog I do not notification e- mail as before.... is Mr. Blogger teasing me????)

    3. No you're right, something has changed - I can comment, and then when I try to log in to post it, the comment disappears. Did not happen in the past. So now I must comment, copy the comment, log in and repost the comment, then publish. Straaange... Want me to send you the image in a msg? Say the word, then you can inspect it at your leisure in any size you desire.

  2. I am hooked by this post. Very interested in how this process will unfold! And like LT, I am entranced by the bird-fish (and its transparency).

  3. The bird-fish seems to represent the feeling of being out of one's element - or perhaps, not having any one element to call home?


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