Sunday, May 10, 2015

Accumulation and Dispersal

My sketchbooks have been developing over the years; layers laid upon layers of thought as pages left unfinished are revisited and the progression of ideas slowly accumulate into an image.

I have long wanted to find a home for these ideas outside of the sketchbook; somewhere they could be seen outside of these pages, perhaps find someone who might want to take one home and live with it.  An art director asked for a few for a magazine a while ago now, but I wanted to see them in a home, breathing among someone's possessions, glimpsed in the busy schedule of other's lives and thoughs.

When a friend mentioned the Kensington Market Art Fair and its upcoming dates over this summer, I began to feel that this corner of the city and intersection of personalities might be a good place to encounter people who would enjoy these sorts of works.

So now I am engaged in making some pieces ready for printing while developing unique works from the ideas laid out in others.  I tend to work in black and white in my sketchbooks, so the question of colour is a big one.  The difference in voice from 17 inches across to 3 feet... An interesting series of options with which to wrestle.

If you happen to be in Toronto Sunday May 31, come down to Kensington and look for the babble, the white tents, see how the wrestling matches turned out. 


  1. it is a bit far away from Artichokistan but I wish you good luck. I am pretty sure your drawings will find a good new home.... I like this one , I feel there are no words involved in this conversation but they understand each other.... btw, no all images need color... but it is just what I think about it ....


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