Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I.F. - Airborne - A Dream of Flying - Work in Progress - Prep for Liberty Village Art Crawl outdoor show June 13

I clearly recall the sensation of lift and wonder that comes with a dream of flying.  The bliss with which it colours the day after waking. The sense of possibilities, endless and unknown which I carry around with me to this day, a gift from that dream.

Night washing away in the dawn is yet part of the dreamer, the flier.


  1. I love flying dreams. Very cool painting!

  2. This is interesting I like the funky little landscape below. Great colors!

  3. Thanks, guys. Haven't had any flying dreams lately, but I'm betting any day now I will have a dream of painting of flying

  4. I recall the sensation of flying in a dream very well even after more than 20 years. It was absolutely unforgettable event. I can't describe it well but I remember it as "summum delectatio"!


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