Thursday, June 23, 2016

Doodling down the road.

Waiting on the phone, mind wandering, pen in hand.  Small square stickit note on the desk in front of me...

...and a character takes shape.

The elevator music in my ear is interrupted and my attention snaps to the business at hand, the post-it doodle stuck on a note about something else.

I come across this a month later and am struck by it.  Hmmm.

Some doodles have a life beyond the page.  This little fellow seems to have been doing his own thing while I was not paying attention.

Mulling this over, my eye falls on a small packet on the desk.  I just received a shipment of paperclay.

It seems such an odd thing to do - taking a cat for a stroll bobbing along on a string above the walker.  And in 3-d, it has an improbable silliness beyond the drawing, as though it were more real somehow.

Now I am beginning to wonder where he is heading...

...once around the block in my imagination is a long walk.  I wonder where he'll turn up next?

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