Thursday, September 15, 2011

Boundaries - colour version progress

I hear we dream in black and white.

In my dreams I know I've seen someone in a green t-shirt. The kind of green that used to be bright, almost neon, but now seems dingy, as though it's been through too many washes, too many t-shirt disappointments and hangs limp and faded, leaving a stronger impression for what it was intended to be than what it is now.

So I know either that I dream in colour, or my mind adds colour as separate, imagined, dream-information, even though my dreams are in black and white.

Or something.

She has her feet in dreams; Dreams deeper than what she can feel with her toes, standing there in the uppermost layer. Perhaps she will swish her net and catch a wet butterfly. Or drop the net and run back on land. I imagine she will toss the net aside and jump in, swim with the flutter, the tickle, the colour of all that she cannot see until she does dive in.


  1. This is a wonderful image--made even better with the wash of color. I love the fish on her dress. This is an image that conveys the promise of so much to come :)

  2. Nice illustration, as always. It is a good question if we can see colors in our dreams. I think dreams are very special and mysterious and maybe we just 'convert' them afterwards to our basic senses. With color it got even more interesting.

  3. ahh what an imagination you have and so wonderful with the fish on the dress the butterflies in the water - suit so well the topic but also make us think.

    it's a good work this one.

  4. I love love love this! Gorgeous image!!!

  5. Thanks for the comments, folks. Final colour version will get posted when it's done.

  6. You're a Friday Favorite!

  7. Thanks, Ruth, for letting me know. I certainly have MY favourites too, but I"m honoured to be one of this great bunch.

  8. interesting, your color (dreamy) version. Looking forward to see finished one.
    See my old post about dreaming. There is definitely a shift last years and "RGB dreams" are on the winning side !! :D


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