Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Disguise" Illustration Friday Aug.26/2011

Inspired by the quote:
"Another belief of mine; that everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise." - Margaret Atwood

What we know if Margaret Atwood is shaped mostly by her words - words left in print, hovering in the air of an interview, in the impression of energy and intensity she creates.

What about the rest of us - do we feel as giants among children? Whole selves among equals? Or do we too feel we craft an impression, a disguise behind which we traipse through the world of adults, exulting in our childhhood, or cowering in our sense of inadequacy?

Colour version anon.


  1. Wonderful concept, and fantastic outcome! Love this :3

    Soph x

  2. A very good take on topic this week . It is also closely related to your last post ( influence) . I like your approach, great illo!

  3. I will tell you final score at the end of this week!!! :D
    ( so I have to go ...)

  4. I agree...great concept, and perfect "disguise!"

  5. Yes! Great job illustrating this quote-
    You have a wonderful blog! :o)

  6. Thanks for all your comments, Folks!

  7. Lovely illustration--and thoughts. And thanks for your comment on my blog. I really need to be working on some new things.

  8. hi AHAviews! I am back! As I promised you: my final score for whole week is 5. I do not know if I can count also this day but today was fun!! (at least 3 times I was "involved" in crazy things) Actually we should first specify WHAT are these things.....:)

    And you?? ( I am really wondering....)
    Have a nice "score" this week!!

  9. Start of a new week, new drawing, new list...

    a.i.j.: my count is four. Two unexpecteds, one outrageous and one unbelievable. And a new week begins. Joyously. Let's go!!

  10. ha , not bad at all! Next time I will specify ( if possible ) some ......

  11. Hey, gee I have missed some good images - sorry. This one strikes at the heart I think - the concept of negative space in our lives, tyhat we are defined by our shadows, and by our footprints and the clutter that we leave behind - is so poignant. Have you read Hemingway's description of a battle field - where he describes, not the dead soldiers, but the rubbish of war, the postcards and the paypackets and the acres of burnt and blowing documents that you need to run an army - they outline a battle field in the way that you have outlined your image.

    Ahh, my kingdom for negative space .... :)

  12. Oh...this is very nice...a delightful variation on the theme of wearing a costume!


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