Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Hurry" Ilustration Friday June 1, 2012

Inspired by the Illustration Friday quote:

"All things will be clear and distinct to the man who does not hurry.  Haste is blind and improvident".  - Titus Livius

Reminds me of the kinds of things we would hear as kids - sayings from my mother's and grandmother's childhoods.  One year we asked as many people as we knew to tell us the ones they knew.  I managed to gather about two hundred.  My older sister got well over a thousand.  And the one that comes to mind on this topic translates something like this:
"Haste leaves a trail of dribble"

In my own life it reminds me of watching people with their eyes closed, minds wrapped in something else as they sit on the subway during the morning and evening rush-hours.  As though they had shelved their inner selves while they waited to arrive somewhere, start to consciousness again.  As for myself, if I was so busy playing in my mind the conversation I would have when I arrived, or anticipating the vacation I was planning, what was I missing that I was rushing by on that train?

So I try to take note.  Breathe deeply.  Whatever is outside the window right as I go by is my life right now.


  1. I agree with the quote. We all need to remember that sometimes slow and steady is more efficient than rushing and being inaccurate. I really like the perspective. It looks like he is in such a rush that he is about to leap forward.

  2. True...more haste less speed. Good post!

  3. great post to accompany the drawing!

  4. I agree...great post! 'Haste leaves a trail of dribble' -- good stuff! Your illo for this is so spot-on. The drama of speed! Btw, I LOVE your drawings on your website :)

    1. Thanks, everybody. I.F. inspires me, the quotes, everyone's responses - like a visual conversation, invitation to explore.

  5. I love the feeling of speed in this drawing and your use of the perspective. Great thoughts to ponder too. Wonderful post!

  6. love this illustration! The person is clearly in a hurry!)

  7. Love this too. Unfortunately this is who I am right now. Need to change it fast :)
    What a great blog!


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