Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ben, Nov 14

I asked my husband for an iconic sports moustache and Ben Davidson's name came up immediately. (Me, I was thinking of Lanny McDonald) A defensive end for the Oakland Raiders from '64 through '72, he was a defensive end who made things happen for the team; memorable for his off the cuff plays.  Describing him, former teammates come up with terms like 'larger than life' 'powerhouse' and 'you never knew what he would do'.  His handlebar moustache, it seems, was part of the mean image he cultivated as a player, but off the field he is remembered for being gentle and likeable.

It was only as I researched this iconic football player that I found that he had died of prostate cancer last July, 2012.  He was 72.


  1. This and your other moustachioed guys are looking good...great work Aino...How about a moustachioed woman? :)

    1. What a great idea, Rod - I'll figure that out somehow!


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