Friday, November 1, 2013

Moustache a day

Challenged by an illustrator friend to ink and watercolour one moustache drawing a day this month.

Chris Jones, you're on!  (See Chris's posts here: )

Never done a month-long one-a-day challenge before, we'll see how long I last.

Comments appreciated, as always.


  1. Nice start Aino! Good luck..its a tough challenge. I'll come back in a week to check your performance!!!!!

  2. Oh thanks! I may intersperse other artistic mustachiod forms as the need arises.

  3. as Rod said.... but for sure, there is plenty of weirdest mustaches around.... so should not be problem to fill whole month :)
    see you later !

  4. Yippee is kinda all you need, eh RD?

    I appreciate the thought, LT. Post a photo of yourself with a 'stache, and I'll see what that becomes...


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